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  • Cynthia Ford

Last One There is A Rotten Egg

I remember playing all kinds of fun games as a child. The other day, I was walking towards the car with a group of people and one person said, Last one there is a rotten egg. We laughed because we used to say that all the time. As a child we would race to the designated place and tried our best to not be the rotten egg. Have you ever smelled a rotten egg? If you have, then you would know why you had to try your best to not be last.

Let's face it. Someone is going to be last. Someone is going to first. There is a lesson learned in being first and being last. Let's say the person who was first worked really hard to get to that level of being first and because of their hard work and skills, they made it to the destination first. Let's say the person who was last had a bad day, didn't work as hard that time, or maybe not as skilled as they need to be at that moment.

If you ever failed at something. If it's taking you a long time to complete your goals. Don't give up. Train for where you want to be and run again.

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