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  • Cynthia Ford

It's Not Too Early

Have you received the famous question yet? You know the question that most of us have been asked. We've been asked" What do you want to be when you grow up?" Some may also ask "What do you wan to do when you finish school." Its a ticking question that you feel forced to give an answer to. I think maybe that's why many young people gave answers off the top of their heads because they were corned when the question and had to respond.

I remember responding to a staff member at school when I was in elementary school and her response to answer was not what I was looking for. The answer I gave her was not good enough. Unsupportive responses can cause young people to give up on their dreams and pick up a dream that is fitting to the adults around them.

Whatever your dream is, let it be realistic, let is satisfy the passions and goals that you have for yourself, and GO FOR IT. Take heed to the resources, formal education, and other forms of knowledge. You will need others along your journey. Research you desired goal start planning. Live the life of youth, but it's okay to plan ahead when you are ready to make moves in that direction.

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